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Mexico and the United States have a plethora of differences whether it is food, parties, or the protocol for meeting new people and the differences don’t stop there, but the way people spend their free time is slowly becoming more similar. Video games (which are nothing new or groundbreaking for the “‘Y” generation) are one of many things growing in popularity on a global scale and connecting Mexico with its Northern neighbor. Mexico is hot on the trail of basically all trends “gringo” and video games are no exception, with games like Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Combat, and Super Smash Bros well know in all gamer’s social circles. Twitch (also known as is a live streaming video platform owned by Inc. and is a popular relatively new way for gamers to connect, compete, and have fun. The only thing is that this new system requires that its users have access to a video capture device and a television that sup-ports it, which in the United States might run around $150.00 while in Mexico somewhere the price is more along the lines of $2,500.00 pesos which is nothing to laugh at when the average Mexican gamer’s disposable income may not be as high. At the same time developers are constantly coming up with “new and improved” consoles to keep consumers on their toes, so staying connected isn’t always easy. According to Fernando Perez, president of the Play4life Organization in UDLAP, Mexico has yet to access its full potential as developers and producers in the world of video games. “Right now the leaders are the United States and Japan; Mexico has all the resources and technology to advance it’s just missing the visionaries with patience that are willing to invest.” The United States continues to be the world leader in video game development as of now but with a world more connected than ever, the chance for progress is always just one button press away.


Last modified: 17 febrero, 2015

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